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The Supreme Court Bar Association(SCBAP) is an association established in 1989 comprising the supreme court lawyers in Pakistan. The Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act 1973 provides for the forming, recognition and functioning of Bar Associations for supreme court lawyers working under the control of Pakistan Bar Council. It is an independent Bar association whose aim is to uphold the rule of law and the cause of justice and protect and promote the interest of the legal profession as well as that of the public.

The Rules of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, 1989 provide the detailed provisions for elections, meetings, its committees, disciplinary proceedings, powers and functions of the executive committee of the Bar Association etc. The SCBAP has 22 members, who are elected annually to manage the affairs and execute the functions of the SCBAP. The Executive Committee consisting of the President, Four Vice-Presidents (one from each Province), Secretary and Additional Secretary, Finance Secretary from Islamabad. Fourteen executive members elected from throughout Pakistan (at least two from each Province) by way of balloting.


The Mission of the Supreme Court Bar Association is to promote professional excellence and respect for the rule of law and elevate the quality of legal education in the country.

“…A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones….”

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom